Our Status 

The Welding Shop is not open to the general public and members are not allowed to drop in; only those who are scheduled for testing will be permitted to enter the building on the day & time that they’ve been given.

Safety Measures

  • Members who apply for weld testing will be notified of their testing date and time (no drop-ins).
  • Anyone who enters the weld testing facility may not roam to other parts of the building.
  • We’ve reduced our welding booth capacity to allow a maximum of 6 welders testing per day.
  • Members will be required to supply their own PPE including hard hat, welding shield, safety glasses, gloves, and respirator where possible. No sharing!
  • Anyone entering the building must apply physical distancing rules, adhere to directional arrows, and regularly sanitize their hands (sanitizer will be provided).
  • Welders must complete a COVID-19 questionnaire before testing.

Book In For Weld Testing

At the current provincial alert level, weld testing is allowed to take place. However, we must follow the guidelines set by our government and ensure it is being done safely. If you are interested in testing, please review our safety measures above, the testing dates on our welding shop page, and then contact the welding shop to book in.