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About Us

The Local 740 Training Centre is a Registered private Training Institute with the Provincial Department of Education. It is also a Registered Welding Test Facility for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Local 740 Training Centre has facilities to train all trades in the piping industry from high pressure welding to medical gas. We have a fully equipped computer lab using the latest Microsoft Windows and Office software. Local 740 instructors are all qualified Journeypersons with a combined total of over 100 years in the piping trades. They use the latest technologies in course presentations and are fully conversant with any inovations in their particular field.

Piping Shop

The three pipe shops are used to teach steamfitting/pipefitting and Post Journey courses.

Plumbing Shop

The Plumbing shop is equipped for a combination of Plumbing and Sprinkler Training. Courses in valve repair and backflow prevention are also taught in the Plumbing shop.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is equipped with fifteen workstations running Windows and Microsoft Office. The systems are networked to a laser printer and have high speed internet access.

The computer lab is used to teach many of the Related Courses included in the Plan of Training for entry level PipeFitter/SteamFitter and Plumber programs.

Welding Shop

The welding shop has 15 welding booths available to teach the latest in high pressure welding techniques. Welding procedures for stainless steel and titanium are taught in the welding shop. The Local 740 Training Center is also one of the few authorized welder testing facilities for the province.