MembersHealth Accountable Healthcare Program


Introducing MembersHealth

At UA Local 740, we believe that the well-being of our members is of the utmost importance!

In line with this belief, we have signed up for a new healthcare program that provides our members with top-tier resources and support to help them manage their physical health and well-being.

UA Local 740 members and their dependents now have access to the MembersHealth Accountable Healthcare Program, connecting them to an extensive network of multi-faceted healthcare professionals who are able to address their every healthcare need!
  • Doctors available 24/7/365 via video call
  • Prescriptions conveniently sent to a pharmacy of your choice
  • Diagnostics & Labs ordered on call
  • Tailored referrals to Specialists and Surgeons

 24/7/365 Medical Support

Speak to a Members Success Care Professional at any time
of the day or night, including weekends and holidays!

About the Program

The MembersHealth Accountable Healthcare Program provides UA Local 740 members and their dependents with a personalized healthcare experience, treating all conditions and connecting them directly with Doctors, Specialists, and Surgeons who rapidly assess, diagnose, treat, and assist members in accessing and navigating to the correct care at the right time, while employing the best medical practices for the best healthcare outcomes.

Benefits Include:

24/7/365 Medical Support
  • Speak to a Members Success Care Professional at any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays.
  • Tailored referrals to Specialists and Surgeons.
Medical Services
  • Prescriptions are conveniently sent to a pharmacy of your choice.
  • Diagnostics and labs ordered on your call for a seamless process.
  • No fee doctor’s notes (as medically required) conveniently emailed to you.
  • Assistance with locating a family Doctor.
  • Second opinion service – get expert medical opinions on your current diagnosis.
  • Referrals for Specialists.
Patient Care
  • Personal touch with follow-up calls/texts 24-48 hours post-Doctor visit to see how you’re feeling.
  • Access Doctors from anywhere in the world.
  • Personal care managers dedicated to each member to help you navigate the healthcare system.

Services Include:

Doctor Services
  • Same day access to Members Health Doctors
  • Doctors licensed in Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Prescriptions & refills sent to pharmacy of choice
  • Diagnostics and labs ordered on call
  • Doctor’s notes as medically required
  • Medical assessments & health diagnoses
  • Follow ups 24-48h after your Doctor visit
  • Every call is reviewed by a second Doctor (built-in second opinion service)
  • Unlimited appointments for member and dependents
  • Doctors will suggest follow up appointments as medically necessary
  • Complete Doctor-Patient confidentiality
  • Access to Doctors from anywhere in the world
  • Continuity of care (can share electronic medical records with Family Doctor)
  • Transparent online access to health reports
Specialist Services
  • Same day access to Members Health Specialists
  • Covers more than 20 Specialties
  • Medical & Surgical advice as medically necessary

Timely Medical Advice & Guidance

Members Success Care Professionals ensure that appointments are scheduled promptly!

How To Book An Appointment

Step 1


Contact a Members Success Care Professional to book your appointment.

Step 2


You will receive an appointment confirmation either by text or by phone call.

Step 3


At your time slot, a Doctor will contact you via video call or by phone.

There are 3 easy ways to book an appointment!


Call the MembersHealth Care Team at 1-800-484-0152.


Visit and click book an appointment.


Download the MembersHealth app for IOS or Android.
When health issues arise, our team of Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons and Mental Health professionals will be there to identify them, to develop a care plan and put that plan into action for you, using the correct care pathways for the best health outcomes possible.

Most importantly, we are always here for you, and follow you through each step of the process with open, caring and honest communication.

Dr. Donald Jones

President, Chief Medical Officer. Internationally Recognized Thoracic Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist.

Questions and Answers

MembersHealth Accountable Healthcare Program
What is the purpose of the MembersHealth program?
This program provides members and their dependents with a personalized, private healthcare experience, treating all conditions and connecting you directly with MembersHealth Doctors, Specialists, and Surgeons to assess, diagnose, treat, and assist members in accessing care when it is needed.
What services are included with the MembersHealth program?
You and your dependents will have access to the MembersHealth Doctors and Specialists via video call or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The services include:

  • Same day access to MembersHealth Doctors and Specialists
  • Doctors are licensed in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Prescriptions and refills sent to your pharmacy of choice
  • Diagnostics and labs ordered while you are on the call
  • Doctor’s notes (no fee) as medically necessary emailed to you
  • Medical assessments and health diagnoses
  • Follow-up 24-48 hours following your appointment
  • Built-in second opinion service; every call is reviewed by a second Doctor
  • Unlimited appointments for members and their dependents
  • Doctors will suggest follow-up appointments as medically necessary (you may request the same Doctor)
  • Complete Doctor-Patient confidentiality
  • Continuity of care – with your consent, electronic medical records will be shared with your family Doctor (if applicable)
  • Transparent online access to health reports
  • Access to Specialists covering more than 20 specialties
  • Medical and surgical advice as medically necessary
  • Implement care plans using evidence-based clinical practices, case reviews, and consultations to achieve optimal healthcare outcomes
Do I have to pay when I use MembersHealth Doctors?
NO. This is a benefit that your Union has put in place to provide healthcare for you and your family.
Will MembersHealth Doctors issue a Doctor’s note and is there a cost involved?
The MembersHealth Doctors will issue a Doctor’s note as medically necessary at no cost to you.  It will be conveniently emailed directly to you.
I have my own family Doctor, can I still use MembersHealth Doctors?
YES. Your family Doctor will be happy that you used the MemberHealth service, as he/she will not suffer the financial penalties for their billings that happen when you go to walk-in type clinics. Additionally, the depth and quality of care you receive from MembersHealth is exceptional.
Will you keep my family Doctor updated?
YES, with your consent. MembersHealth believes that continuity of care is a critical part of preventive health and long-term wellness. Your family Doctor and MembersHealth work together in this regard, to have a complete picture of your health and take action as needed.
I do not have a family Doctor, can you help?
YES, MembersHealth have helped many members find family Doctors accepting patients.
If I can't get a local Doctor due to shortages in my region, can I use MembersHealth Doctors regularly?
YES, everything a family Doctor would do for you, MembersHealth Doctors do also, and you have the added benefit of all the additional services MembersHealth provides also.
Is my family covered across Canada?
YES. MembersHealth can help you regardless of where you are in Canada.
Am I able to access MembersHealth when I’m out of Canada?
YES, you can access MembersHealth Doctors from anywhere in the world.  However, MembersHealth Doctors are located in Canada and would not be able to send a prescription or referral to another country.  A prescription or referral may be provided for use when you return to Canada.

The majority of “out-of-country” appointments with MembersHealth are to speak with a medical professional to get some guidance or suggestions on a medical issue. It is strongly recommended that you purchase “out-of-country” emergency medical coverage for travel outside of Canada if you are not insured under Local 740’s Health Plan or another health plan that include emergency medical coverage at the time of travel.

Is this service available to my spouse and my children? Are they covered?
YES. YOU and YOUR FAMILY ARE ALL COVERED BY MEMBERSHEALTH. They can all speak with the MembersHealth Doctors whenever they need to. UA Local 740 sends a monthly report of active and retired members in good standing with the Union to ensure MembersHealth is up-to-date with our membership.
How often can I call MembersHealth to arrange an appointment?
There are no restrictions or limits on how often you can call the MembersHealth Doctors.
Will MembersHealth Doctors issue or renew prescriptions for "narcotics"?
Will MembersHealth Doctors offer direct advice or issue prescriptions for marijuana or CBD oil?
We will not issue these directly, we will however direct you to Doctor-led marijuana practices that can provide you with medically supervised care.  Note:  Marijuana is not a covered expense under Local 740’s Health Plan.
How much experience do the Doctors have?
MembersHealth Doctors have a combined 550+ years of experience across multiple practice disciplines (family medicine, emergency, specialty and surgical).

Their Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board alone have backgrounds as President, Chief of Surgery, Chief Surgeon for Cancer Care Ontario, Surgical Oncology, Tumour Board Chair, and elite internationally recognized Thoracic, Vascular and General Surgeons.

What does the Care Team do?
The Care Team is the critical link between our Doctors and our members. They are responsible for securing timely appointments with Specialists and for tests, making sure the patient is kept informed of what is going on with their file, that the record is active and for being the instant resource for the members and the Doctors & Specialists as needed.

Telephone: 1-800-484-0152