UA Training Centre: Application Form

You are required to complete and submit items 1-3 below to be eligible for acceptance; incomplete applications/documentation will not be processed! Once you have met the eligibility requirements for acceptance and a seat is available, an acceptance letter will be mailed to you

  1. Complete the Application Form
  2. Upload a copy of your High School Transcript, or a copy of completion of ABE or GED (at the bottom of the application). To apply as a mature student, you must complete a CAAT assessment for Grade XII equivalency. Please call to arrange a time. Note: The cost of this assessment is incurred by the student.
  3. Return your Completed Application to the UA Training Centre:
UA Local 740 Training Centre
Admissions Office
P.O. Box 216
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 2C2


For participants seeking funding through Service Canada (formerly known as Human Resources), we recommend you contact your local office as soon as possible. Service Canada offices have procedures in place for assessing clients for approval for training and funding; these procedures may take 10+ weeks to complete.

To obtain information about student loans, you can visit the following on line sites or, or contact the College.

NOTE: Students must pay a non-refundable registration fee on confirmation of acceptance to each program at the College.


Educational Background

Are you a(n):

(If you are not a high school graduate or did not complete ABE or GED, you must check “yes” for this question, and make arrangements to complete a CAAT assessment at the College)

How did you learn about the UA Training Centre?

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If my application is accepted, I agree to comply with all rules and regulations as adopted by the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. Failure to do so can result in the termination of my apprenticeship.

I declare that this application is true to the best of my knowledge and I agree that any false statement(s) will be just cause for termination of my apprenticeship training. I agree to adhere to the college’s policies and procedures. I understand and agree that I must sign a Contract of Tuition prior to commencing my program of studies.

* I have enclosed the following:

School Transcripts/Certificates (Successful completion of High School or GED Diploma)