New Online Benefits Account and App!

myManion is your new online benefits portal and app!

Features include:

  • Quick Submit:
    Photo claim submission
  • Quick Pay:
    Manual claim submission for Paramedical and Vision Care services
  • Benefit Details:
    Benefits booklet, forms, claims history

Effective February 1st, 2019 we are switching to the myManion Benefits Portal and Mobile App. The exciting features of the myManion Benefits Portal include the mobile app for use with smart phones and tablets, convenient claim submission options (Quick Pay & Quick Submit), and a digital version of your benefit card available on the mobile app. 

Important notes:

Members in-benefit will be issued a new temporary password on February 1st, 2019 to use the new myManion benefits portal and mobile app. Your previous password will no longer be valid as of that date. The login details (user-id and password) will be provided via email on February 1, 2019.

If you do not have an email address on file, it will be sent by regular mail. We encourage you to contact the Union office to provide your email address for future notifications. For those currently out-of-benefit, your login details will be provided when your coverage reinstates.

Quick Submit Feature – Upload a photo of your health or vision receipt, or your completed standard dental claim form to the portal or mobile app to submit the claim. Currently, myManion only accepts one picture per submission. You will need to submit each receipt/dental claim form separately, however there is no limit to the number of claim submissions.

Quick Pay Feature – Manually enter the information for your vision care and paramedical claims. Paramedical services include physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractor, acupuncturist, clinical psychologist, and podiatry. There is a $500 daily claim submission maximum. Your claim will be processed in 1 business day. For more information on your vision care and paramedical coverage, please refer to your benefits booklet that is available on the myManion benefit portal and mobile app.

Direct Deposit is mandatory for claim payments. Please ensure your banking details are current by checking your profile on your myManion account.


Vision care claims are not able to be paid directly to the vision care provider using the Telus Health e-Claims network. You will need to pay the vision care provider for your glasses and/or eye exams. If the vision care provider is using the Telus Health e-Claims network, they may electronically submit the claim to the plan for reimbursement to you. Otherwise, please submit your vision care receipts using one of the other claim submission options.

Vacation Alert!

The Benefits Office will be closed February 8-15, 2019, re-opening Monday, February 18th, 2019. Claims dropped off at the Union Office during this time will not be sent for processing until the office re-opens. To have your claim processed in a timely manner, please submit your claims directly to Manions as follows:

Electronically: Quick Pay or Quick Submit using your myManion Benefits Portal or Mobile App, or using one of the following options (your claim must include a completed and signed claim form – Group Health Claim form or Standard Dental Claim form – plus the official receipts and any other required documentation:

By Mail:
Manion Wilkins & Associates Ltd
626-21 Four Season Place
Toronto, ON
M9B 0A5

By Fax: 416-234-2071

By Email: [email protected]
The scanned claim must include the claim form and receipts.
A photograph is not acceptable with this option.

Quick, easy, secure benefits portal

Submit claims and check your coverage with your all-in-one benefits portal.
Visit or download the mobile app to get started.

Submit Claims

  • Submit photo claims on-the-go using Quick Submit
  • Get reimbursed quickly with Quick Pay
  • Check the status of your claims
  • View your claims history

Get Benefits Info

  • Quick, easy, and secure access to your benefits wherever you are, on any device
  • View your coverage details
  • Access your benefit card in the app, even without mobile data
  • View your claims history
  • Access your benefit booklet, claim forms and more
How to use myManion:
  1. Once you receive your username and password by mail or e-mail, sign in from your computer using or download the free myManion app from Google Play or Apple’s App store. *Please ensure that your device and/or browser is up to date.
  2. You will then be asked to change your password.
  3. You’re in! View your coverage details, submit claims, update your contact & banking information and much more. If you have not received your username or password, please contact the Benefits Office.

Click below to download the mobile app.




You have three great options for submitting a claim:

Pay Direct

Have Health Practitioners Submit Claims On Your Behalf with Pay Direct Health Services.

Health practitioners on the TELUS eClaim network can electronically submit claims directly from your benefit plan. You’re out-of-pocket only for what your benefit plan doesn’t cover for approved claims. Simply show the digital benefit card on your myManion app to your health services practitioner for eligible services (refer to your benefits booklet on myManion for eligible services).

myManion Quick Submit

You can expect to have your claim processed within five business days.

Submitting any type of claim through Quick Submit is the easiest way to send in your claims and receipts on-the-go. With Quick Submit, making a claim is as quick as taking a photo. Simply upload a document or photo of your receipt, select the benefit category, and click submit!

Use Quick Submit when:

  1. You’re submitting any type of claim
  2. You want the quickest claim submission method
  3. You have multiple receipts to submit
  4. No daily claims submission maximum

myManion Quick Pay

You can expect to have your claim processed in one business day.

Submitting claims through Quick Pay is the quickest* way to get paid when submitting your vision and paramedical claims. In this option, you enter all the details of your claim and click submit! Receipts are not required for this method of claim submission, unless the claim has been selected for a random audit.

Use Quick Pay when:

  1. You’re submitting vision and paramedical claims
  2. You want the quickest reimbursement
  3. You have specific details to include in your claim
  4. Your daily claims submission maximum is under $500

*Submitting claims through Quick Pay is the quickest way to get paid when submitting your vision and paramedical claims, if your provider is not a subscriber to the Telus eClaims platform.

Please contact the Benefits Office at (709) 747 3198 or email [email protected]

We take your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy is accessible through the myManion portal and/or app.
Quick Pay and Quick Submit can both be accessed from your desktop or mobile app.

Click below to download the PDF version of this newsletter.