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Apr 3, 2020 | Benefits Office, Benefits Office COVID-19

The world has reminded us how quickly things can change. In only a few short months since the onset of COVID-19, our lives and daily routines have shifted and we’ve had to adjust to a new way of living, working, and socializing. With change undoubtedly comes questions. We hope this update will ease any concerns you may have regarding the benefit programs and provide you with some perspective on our operations going forward. In a time when face-to-face operations are not advised, we will require a little more online interaction or active involvement from you.


There are 3 main businesses responsible for the administration and operation of the benefit programs: UA Local 740 Benefits Office, Manion Wilkins & Associates, and Manulife Financial. All of these businesses are currently in jurisdictions that are under a State of Public Health Emergency or State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The offices are closed. However, they each have business continuity plans in place to ensure that operations continue with limited service disruption. Staff are working remotely from their homes through secure access sites. Services will continue, though they ask for your patience if you experience slight delays as they work through the challenges faced under these unusual circumstances.

Contributing Employers

Employers are required, under the terms of the collective agreement or PLA, to remit hours and contributions to the Benefit Plans and the Union on a monthly basis for the members they employ. UA Local 740 has reached out to the employers requesting that they send the monthly remittance report and payment electronically to ensure that benefits remain available to the eligible members under their employ.

Many of the employers are demobilizing their construction sites and operating on a skeleton crew or suspending construction altogether. In this situation, insured members will continue to be covered until their dollar bank balance is exhausted. Once the dollar bank is exhausted, the member will be given the option to self pay for a period of 12 months in accordance with the plan regulations. The Trustees are closely monitoring this situation and we will provide updates as it evolves.

Health & Welfare Plan Operations

COVID-19 has disrupted normal business routines. The best thing you can do to stay connected and informed is to go digital. If you have not provided us with an email address, we encourage you to do so. Please email our Administrator, Leslie Wells, at to have your profile updated with your email address.
Self Payments

Self paying members are required to make their monthly self payment if they wish to remain insured. Online banking is the only option that will guarantee your payment is received without interruption. The back page of the self payment notice provides the details for setting up this option.

In-person payments or payments by phone are not available while the office is closed. Payments by mail will likely result in a loss of coverage due to the current postal service disruption. In addition, we are not able to guarantee access to the post office box or the UA Local 740 Office Building if there is a mandated lockdown. For the same reason, we do not recommend using the drop box located at the UA Local 740 Office Building.

Retired members set up for the automatic deduction of their self payment from their monthly pension benefit will not be affected. Service will continue as normal.

Claim Submission

MyManion: Insured members are encouraged to sign up for their myManion account for online claim submission. With the current postal service disruption, online account management is a convenient way to ensure claims are paid to you without any disruptions. The myManion portal and mobile applications offer you a safe and reliable way to interact with your plans and ensure claims payments are as quick as possible. You can also access your digital benefit card, check your dollar bank balance, work history, benefits booklet, annual statements, and other items. More information on myManion can be found here:

  • To submit a claim on myManion: My Claims > Submit Claim. A group health claim form is not required when health claims are submitted through your myManion account. Dental claims do require a Standard Dental Claim form completed by your dental office.
  • To check your dollar bank balance on myManion: My Benefits > My Trust Balances. Divide the Welfare Bank balance by the current monthly deduction rate of 275 to determine the remaining months of coverage. The maximum number of coverage months your dollar bank can provide is 12.

To obtain a user ID and password, or if you have forgotten your user ID or password, please contact our Administrator, Leslie Wells, at or 709-685-7769.

Fax: Insured members may also submit claims by Fax: Manions Claims Centre – 416-234-2071. You MUST include a completed and signed group health claim form or standard dental claim form in your fax. Group Health Claim Forms can be found here: Standard Dental claim forms are available at your dental office.

Insured members in the vicinity of the UA Local 740 Office Building may drop claims in the drop box accessible from the outside of the building. This option is only available for as long as we are able to access the building. A disruption in service and delay in processing is very likely using this option. We are unable to guarantee standard turn-around times for claims processing and payment.

Enrolment Forms/Life Insurance Claims/Letters of Student Proof/Other Administrative Documents

In an effort to avoid service disruptions, enrolment/change forms, life insurance claims, letters of student proof, and all other administrative documents that are needed for the ongoing administration of the Health & Welfare benefit program may be submitted electronically as follows:

  • By Fax: 709-747-1235
  • By Email: For tips on scanning documents using a smartphone or tablet,
    click here.

Enrolment/Change forms can be found here:

Members in the vicinity of the UA Local 740 Office Building may also use the drop box accessible from outside the building. Documents sent by mail will result in processing delays due to the current postal service disruption. In addition, we are not able to guarantee access to the post office box or the UA Local 740 Office Building if there is a mandated lockdown. For this reason, we do not recommend using the mail service or drop box if the document request is urgent.

Prior Authorization Renewals

If you are taking a specialty medication that is supported by the Express Scripts Canada Specialty Program, the prior authorization renewal date has been extended to October 1st, 2020.  If you are taking a specialty medication that is provided through closed loop distribution (not Express Scripts Canada), your access to that drug and case management will continue through your specialist.

Prescription Drugs – Mandated 30 Day Supply of Medications

The Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and Provincial Pharmacy Colleges and Associations are directing that pharmacy providers fill prescription drugs in allotments no greater than a 30 days’ supply to protect drug supplies and ensure all patients have essential medications during this pandemic. Colleges and Associations are currently working with 3rd parties and Government officials to address related issues. Pharmacists across the country are working hard to support their patients and protect their communities, including alignment with provincial direction around medication days supply management. Please be patient.

For more information, please refer to the CPhA statement issued on March 23, 2020:

We will continue to monitor the impacts of COVID-19 and will update you as the situation evolves or when changes are necessary to align with Federal and Provincial Government directives.

We wish you and your loved ones health and wellness during this challenging time. Please do your part to reduce the spread and stay well.


The Board of Trustees
Bob Fiander, Chairman; Leslie Wells, Administrator
UA Local 740 Benefit Trust Funds